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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lowering interest rates on credit cards

So, I'm working late one night and my office phone rings.  A recorded message comes on..."We have important information about your credit cards.   To speak to a representative about lowering your interest rates, please hold the line."  Okay, I'll bite... A very nice young man quickly came on the line to tell me that he could help me lower the interest rates on my credit cards.  No conversation, no request for information... yet, that is... Simply, we're here to help!

Needless to say, it was purely a fishing expedition from a company who had no idea even IF I had credit cards.  They were willing to negotiate on my behalf with ANY OR ALL of my credit card issuers to lower my interest rates.  I've no idea if this company was legitmate or not.  Personal opinions about tactics aside, please, please, please NEVER give any information out to anyone who CALLS OR EMAILS you about your credit.  Or any personal information, for that matter.

Our parents teach us to be polite.  Yes, be polite.  Just please do NOT give any information out over the phone or respond to any emails requesting financial information. 

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