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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Consider how you might ...

Consider how you might assist a young military family or soldier, either overseas or returning home.  Volunteer your time with the ABA's Military Pro Bono Project or Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has a number of lawyers who do participate in the ABA's Military Pro Bono Project.  Thank you!
However, we are only starting to see the need for help.
Did you know Oklahoma is expected to have one of the highest rates in the nation of soldiers returning to the state from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Service members are afforded some additional measures when dealing with some consumer and housing-related problems.  Hesitant because this isn't an area with which you are familiar? 
Legal Aid provides free CLE to our volunteers!
Here's a typical scenario:
The case involves a Naval servicemember currently serving overseas.  In October 2008, he was married, then deployed.  While on deployment, he was told by his wife that she was pregnant with someone else's child and the pregnancy pre-dated the marriage.  She filed for divorce in Noble County and did not inform the court that the servicemember was on active-duty status.
He had no notice of the action and was not provided any Servicmember Civil Relief Act protections.  The wife finalized the divorce by default in August 2009.  Based on the presumption of paternity, a support order for the child was entered.  He became aware of the divorce only recently when his wasges were garnished.
The servicemember needs legal assistance to vacate the support orders and seek paternity testing.

Learn more about volunteering with ABA's Military Pro Bono Project on this page http://www.probono.net/link.cfm?14328

Learn more about volunteering with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma on this page
http://www.probono.net/link.cfm?14327  or by email to:  cindy.goble@laok.org

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